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August 27th, 2016

FTV Girls - Blaire

This leggy, supercute tall, and now-confident teen decides to go shopping... and it ends up becoming a cute little public nudity session! She visits a department store in search of cute heels, and with her super short shorts, we get to see little peeks between her legs where her vagina sticks out! She does some modeling for us, walking back and forth in the isles, flashing her full firm breasts... Then g. This leggy, supercute tall, and now-confident teen decides to go shopping... and it ends up becoming a cute little public nudity session! She visits a department store in search of cute heels, and with her super short shorts, we get to see little peeks between her legs where her vagina sticks out! She does some modeling for us, walking back and forth in the isles, flashing her full firm breasts... Then goes into the changeroom to shoot herself getting naked, trying on dresses, and fingering herself! Then at a restaurant, she puts her legs up on a table, and plays with her private ...
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August 19th, 2016

FTV Girls - Molly

She's a supercute, fun little blonde teen who has her FTV adventure experience, discovering orgasms, public nudity, and toy play! With big blue eyes, gorgeous silky long blonde hair, and sexy thighs, she draws attention to herself wherever she goes. We first see her at a strip mall wearing tight white pants and a braless top, interview her, then watch her as she flashes her breasts and takes her pants off to finger herself right there! Her very pretty privates are a joy to look at. She does a little dance to the mall music, then has a lunch interview and goes back home to masturbate. Using the Magic Wand toy, she has a pleasurable experience reaching a strong orgasm, with very visible strong vaginal contractions. It makes her so giggly... She has a very pretty and yummy looking private area, so we go straight to extreme closeups of her clit, and even her playing and pinching it after it was swollen with the vibrator. Then she plays with her long labia, stretching and pulling on them, ...
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August 12th, 2016

FTV Girls Lily

She recently turned 18, and has started her career in porn with FTV. Never shot nudes before, let alone outdoors in public, but she's more than excited and confident about it! She's cute, very petite, but with a full, firm pair of perfect breasts, and a bubble butt as well. We're introduced to her near a tourist desination, and watch her reveal her breasts, then finger herself, show off her flexibility, and go ahead and spread her long labia right on the spot! She then finds a rooftop bar to get naked, and uses her fingers to masturbate to orgasm right there! Her satisfying vaginal contractions are quite visible; and to celebrate she runs around naked, letting us watch those super firm breasts bounce. She's never used a vibrator before; so at home she's introduced to the Eroscillator Toy which brings her to an even stronger orgasm with super strong vaginal contractions! She has long labia, so the stretches and pulls on them, then gives us extreme closeups of her swollen clit, and ...
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August 07th, 2016

FTV Girls - Lana III

The super gorgeous Lana's adventure continues as we wake up with her in the morning, comfy and cuddly in bed. Her big naturals look so good while she sleeps, then stretches her body on the bed. She tears some of the sheets to use like rope for her breasts, and does some mini-bondage. Then she sucks on her pretty toes for some foot fetish. Out in the bathroom, we get to enjoy her full breasts being massaged and squeezed really hard, with some butt play afterwards. She then goes back to the bed to use her fingers to masturbate, to a nice, natural and sensual orgasm. Her breasts look so good when she does it... This sporty girl gets back out for another active session, this time on a mountain trail, and we get to enjoy her taking her top off and climbing/running up. She finds a cavern area, and ends up rubbing and fingering herself... The public nudity continues at a breakfast place, and she looks so hot teasing her privates! Its time to enjoy another dancing session with Lana, this time ...
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August 06th, 2016

FTV Girls - Lana

Members' megafavorite Lana is back, and wow, she's more gorgeous than ever! Now a brunette, those beautiful crystal blue eyes stand out even more. Her breasts and butt have also grown bigger, fuller... so we are excited to see her again! We first meet her at a tourist area, watching her parade around in a short summer dress that keeps revealing her panties! We hear that beautiful voice of hers during an interview, then watch her giggle and flash as she does cartwheels right there in the public place! She flashes her full breasts, teases us with her pretty shaved vagina, then returns home to masturbate... with her favorite vibrator -- the Eroscillator Toy. She ends up having a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, fingers her wetness, gives us extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, then gets extra horny on the photographer and starts riding him... Wearing cute black bra & panties, looking like a model straight out of Victoria's Secret, she does a sexy dance for ...
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July 31st, 2016

FTV Girls - Eva Part 2

The tall & sexy leggy teen Eva continues with her exhibitionistic side, by visiting a popular strip mall near a resort, and plays around a fountain. She's wearing a cute miniskirt and heels, no panties of course... and fingers herself right there as people walk by! Doing upskirt twirls and just generally being a spunky fun girl in heels, she pulls out her glass butt plug toy, and pushes in into her butt right there in the open! Bending over, that miniskirt is so short you see the plug sticking out of her perfect, firm toned butt! She has that natural talent to move in a sexy way, whether its twirling the upskirt in public, or dancing to music. So she does a sexy striptease to a song, and we get to enjoy that slender, firm and toned figure move before our eyes. Then she masturbates with the Eroscillator toy and the glass plug in her butt, to another strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. Notice how the orgasm makes the butt plug move about! She gets so wet, and tastes ...
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July 29th, 2016

FTV Girls - Eva II

Slender, leggy nineteen year old Eva is a friend of recent update Violet, and wanted her first time adult shoot to be with FTV -- partly because she loves the exhibitionism! So we start in a very public place, a car show, watching her walk around in a conservative white dress and wedges, but start right away with upskirt views right there! She has pubic hair, which when seen through the strong sunlight, can be seen right through the semi-seethrough white dress. No panties of course! We also discover that she has a thing for butt plugs, and she's brought one with her -- so at a pretty resort, she decides to push one into her butt, and parade around the resort with it inside her! She keeps it in her because it feels good, and so it stays there even when she has breakfast, and we get to see it under the table... Then she takes her clothes off to walk around naked in a parking lot, a construction area and the workers as well as drivers watch and enjoy that naked form. And the whole time, ...
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July 24th, 2016

FTV Girls - Kelly

Kelly just turned 18, she's a rather shy, but supercute petite girl who has never done anything adult before, and here's her First Time Experience. Total girl next door type with big doe eyes and full pouty lips, and rather young-looking, she's quite sexually experienced, and loves to masturbate. She discovers many new things about her sexuality on this shoot! We first see her at a park, in a cute schoolgirl outfit, short skirt and braless top. Sitting on a bench, she takes her panties off and gives us upskirt teases, fingers herself, and does twirlies as well as cartwheels showing off her bubble butt out in public! Back home, she's interviewed, then photographed doing a slow striptease, getting herself warmed up to the camera. Then she starts masturbating with her fingers, rubbing her clit to orgasm, the way she does it in her private life. She has never used a vibrator before, so she is introduced to the Eroscillator -- which brings her to a stronger orgasm and visible vaginal ...
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