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  74.2 %

Apr 26FTV Girls - Moka - She's a beautiful brunette with big brown innocent almond eyes, a supersweet smile, a cute Spanish accent, and a body every guy would desire! We meet Moka on a cool overcast day as she walks around in public, showing her willingness to get naked where any passersby could see and we note how tight and sexy that butt of hers is. She's currently in school studying chemistry but plans to become a surgeon...so before she really buckles down to study for years she wanted to have some fun! After a close call or two it was time for a change of scenery and we next see her in a short skirt which slides to the ground as she spanks herself and spreads her slender legs open, getting more daring and then walking completely nude through a parking lot. Next it's time to head indoors for a little more privacy and we see her wearing only high heels and a smile as she spreads, penetrating herself with a large glass toy - we note how milky her juices get as she fucks herself faster and faster - but before she cums she wants some vibration so she tries out the Vibraking...its powerful vibrations are almost too strong for her but she loves it, holding the toy between her thighs and buzzing her clit until she has a leg-shaking moaning orgasm! Next we see her using a glass toy for penetration while buzzing her pretty petite privates with the vintage vibrator at the same time - we note how the glass toy stuffs her labia inside herself with every thrust - bringing her to another orgasm. After a break we see Moka dancing around in her cute pink pajamas, letting them fall to the floor as the song goes on and ending up completely nude before playing with a toy for one last orgasm of the day, penetrating herself and vibrating her clit and we note how creamy and dripping wet with come she becomes down there from all the attention. The next morning we see her in bed in her pajamas, fingering her hole - note she's already wet from her sexy dreams - and bringing herself to orgasm just using her fingertips! Next it's time to enjoy the sunshine and we see her outdoors on the deck pulling up her dress to show her cute butt but it was a bit windy so after some more fingering she headed back indoors, pulling out some kinky toys...first we see her use a speculum to spread herself open, then inserting the 'gape cage' to give a great look inside her vagina. After using those toys to stretch herself out she tried fisting, but was not quite able to fit her entire hand inside...next we see her using the gape cage along with the vintage vibrator for yet another orgasm! Next we see some yoga in the nude as she stretches her lithe body out, and we note her flexibility as she sucks her own toes and feet for some foot fetish fun. Last it was time for some anal pleasure and we see her fingering her ass while using the vintage vibrator again for one last orgasm...she's a gorgeous exotic Spaniard with a perfect slender fit body, and we see just how much she enjoys orgasmic sexual play in all its forms, right here on FTV!

  77.1 %

FTV Girls - Stacey - The supercute and tiny Stacey returns -- we've seen her assist on a few shoots behind the scenes, and even fist other girls -- but now she's back for her own shoot! We first see her at sunrise, walking through a lakeside park wearing a cute and very revealing yellow summer dress. When she exposes her breasts, they are fuller and firmer than before! Squeezing that beautiful pair, she flashes them, then shows off her butt and spreads for us, then fingers herself by the lake. Using the Magic Wand toy, she masturbates on a bench to a strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions! Notice how wet she is with milky juices, as she spreads herself and shows off her labia and clitoris. Then she tries to push the big head of the magic wand in, and ends up having another orgasm with it hitting her g-spot! The her tight vagina locks around the toy, and she has a hard time pulling it out -- and when she does, she's dripping even more wet juices! After a breakfast, we see her in a cute top (her firm breasts need no bra!) and form fitting jeans. She then exposes her full C-cup breasts, and gives them a nice hard massage, and plays with her perky nipples. Lia also shows up to massage her breasts, and Stacey gets to suck on Lia's big thick nipples as well! We then get to enjoy her butt, as she spreads it then fingers herself anally, with up to three fingers inside her! Using a jeweled butt plug, she then plays with herself using it, pushing it in, and pulling it out. She missed the Vibraking Toy, and finally gets to use it again after four years... and it brings her to another strong orgasm, which only makes her wetter and hornier for sex! She ends up sucking a penis, then riding it from front, then reverse cowgirl and giving it a handjob to orgasm, and sucking off the cum! Wearing a cute blue dress and heels, she does a little timid dance, then starts fingering herself again... and then finds herself two ping pong balls to play with. She pushes both of them deep inside her, and we get to see her spread and show off them deep in there! She has to work it some to get the last one out deep at the back of her vagina. Then she gets extreme... by full fisting herself! She has never deep fisted before, and with some help, she's doing it for the first time. Then she gets fetishy with a speculum, and you get to see her deep inside, with a very pretty and healthy cervix! Notice how her vaginal muscles move when she laughs. With a very sexy black dress and heels (which is seethrough when she bends over) she continues her push for extreme with the FTV Monster Toy! She does it missionary style, and manages to get quite a bit of it inside her, surprising for such a little body! The thing is huge next to her vagina. To finish herself off, she then uses the Vibraking Toy again, and ends up with another strong orgasm, with some really strong vaginal contractions. The shoot ends with some candid video of Stacey hanging out with Lia, and her being a... unicorn :).

  73.9 %

FTV Girls - Reese - Fun-loving, energetic, and athletic, Reese has that invigorating smile and personality that will make you fall in love with her. She's never done any adult shoots before, let alone masturbate in front of a stranger! In fact, she's had a pretty conservative life, and wanted to break out with her FTV experience. She goes right to public nudity, when we first see her jogging down a busy park, flashing her breasts! Then she takes her pants down, and flashes her private parts and her sexy butt! Visiting a hiking trail she takes her top off, flashing guys who ride by on bikes, then ends up taking it all off, running around naked, and doing flexible poses right out in the open... oh my. Back home, she tries on several different sexy lingerie, and talks about her conservative past, and why she's decided to do an FTV shoot. What a sexy fit figure she's got, and even though she's 26, she looks so much younger! She then does a fun dancing scene for us, stripping down naked -- she is definitely a skilled dancer as well! We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, her pulling on her labia and showing off her clit, then fingering herself... believe it or not, she's never fingered herself before! Not only that, she's never used a vibrator either. So for her first time masturbating with one, she uses the Eroscillator Vibrator. Guess what? She has an incredibly strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions, and gets really wet, clear juices dripping down her vagina. She then tastes herself for the first time... We also get to see her pose around showing off her butt, with great views in doggy style. Another first for her, she tries out a dildo... and a long thick one! She works it in her, pushing it as deep as it can go, then fucks herself with it in missionary and doggy. While she rubs her clit, she starts really enjoying the penetration, and ends up with another orgasm! She does her first kinky video when she plays with a glass ball toy, pushing it into her vagina, and walking around with it inside her, and with extreme closeup views of her pushing it in and out... but then she takes the vibrator again, and has a strong orgasm with it inside her! Notice how strong the vaginal contractions are surrounding the toy, and when she pulls the toy out, notice how juicy she is! Back from another trail run outside, she is still in her workout clothes when she decides to masturbate again... and using her new favorite vibrator, the Eroscillator, she ends up with one last orgasm for the day -- with more strong vaginal contractions, and more juices oozing out of her! This wholesome, gorgeous, tattoo-free and fit girl is definitely going to bring a smile to your face, and a total first timer who discovers so many things about her untapped sexuality. We're not done with her yet though! More to come...

  71.2 %

FTV Girls - Kimmie & Mackenzie - On their third day together, these cute teens get more comfortable with each other's bodies to become kinkier -- and it starts on the pool table! The girls are wearing sexy dresses and heels, while we get upskirt and downblouse views of the action. No doubt, their dresses eventually come off, and they're playing pool naked... Kimmy gets the idea to use the pool stick as a fuck toy! Taking the thick handle, she pushes into Mackenzie's pussy as deep as it can go, then fucks her with it! The pounding gets Mackenzie turned on enough to continue with her fingers, and end up with an orgasm and squirting all over the pool table! With Mackenzie's vagina being so wet, Kimmie sticks a few fingers into her, and tastes it. Then its Kimmie's turn to get fucked by the pool stick, and she wants it harder & faster, getting pounded so hard that with her favorite vibrator she ends up having a super strong orgasm! That was hot... and deep. The girls then share rabbit vibrators, and continue to masturbate on the couch, each coming to their own orgasm and Mackenzie squirting once again! Kimmie helps out and pushes the rabbit hard on Mackenzie's clit and gets her really rouled up! Then we get a little Kimmie foot fetish, as Mackenzie paints her toenails, and Kimmie fondles Mackenzie's breasts with her feet. Then Mackenzie starts painting Kimmie's perky nipples and then they rub their nipples together! Wearing their cute schoolgirl-themed outfits, we then see them next to the bathtub, with more sensual kissing, then undressing and having a little bubble bath together. They lather each other with soap, and we get to see their wet bodies and sexy butts being played with. Then it gets super kinky -- the shower head become their sexy toy -- they start fucking each other with it, pushing the entire handle into each other, while water squirts out... and they really get off on it! After this crazy and kinky sexual experience, the curl up and make out once again. Bi-curious teens exploring their sexuality, and you'll only see them here on FTV :).

  73.1 %

FTV Girls - Mackenzie & Kimmie - The gorgeous and fun-loving teen Mackenzie is back, and she's brought her cute friend with her, Kimmie, and this time she's ready not only to get naked in front of the camera, but go all out in a kinky girl girl! We meet them at a busy mall, and check out Kimmie and her short skirt; soon enough they're making out right there at the mall, then Kimmie takes her panties off and fingers herself! We see them get frisky at a department store as well as a bookstore, then at the food court, and Mackenzie has no problem fingering her friend right there out in the open public nudity... and with all those security cameras. Speaking of security, the girls narrowly escape trouble, and find themselves out at a park. Even there, a park ranger keeps watch on them, while they make out and give us more upskirt views... Notice how perky Kimmie's nipples are! Totally the kind of nipples that demand sucking on. Back in the bedroom, they undress, and go kinky right away, spreading each other and fingering each other anally! That was the first day, and their warm-up together... The next morning, we see them in the bed together, wearing cute bras & panties, and start with some sensual kissing, then intimate nipple play and sucking (both girls have such perky nipples!). Then Kimmie goes down on Mackenzie, fingering her and licking her clit, getting Mackenzie all horny. She finger rubs herself, and ends up having a mini-squirting orgasm with visible vaginal contractions! Mackenzie returns the favor on Kimmie, licking and sucking on her clit, fingering her wet pussy, then letting Kimmie masturbate with a vibrator to orgasm. They end up cuddling again and having a pillow fight... the cute teens continue getting really kinky on the next update...

  72.7 %

FTV Girls - Melody II - A week later, our supercute squirting teen returns with a desire to experiment and get super kinky like a lot of the girls she's seen on the site, as well as trying extreme penetration! On a cold winter day at the park, we see her in a cute dress and white sandals, as she re-introduces herself and gives us upskirt views... because she's not wearing any panties! Out in this public place, she goes on the monkey bars letting us see that perfect butt, then ends up on the swings, and rubs & ends up squirting while swinging! Never seen that before! Then on the benches nearby, she masturbates some more and squirts all over the place! Back home she continues with the rubbing, squirting upside down and onto her face, then squirting a massive flood onto a glass table. Notice how her vagina expands and contracts, with her muscles pushing out when clit gets stimulated. We get extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, and then watch her dance in the nude to some music. She even rubs herself and squirts while dancing... and she's a really good dancer too! She then finger bangs herself hard on the couch to finish herself off -- she's flowing with juices by then. In the bedroom, we enjoy her wearing some pretty pink lingerie, and then she works her fingers in... and ends up fisting herself! With the help of a vibrator stimulating her, it makes her very moist down there enough to slip her whole hand in deep! Then pushing her absolute limits, she tries the FTV Monster toy, which she works hard at getting deep, and bit by bit she goes deeper, until it is impossibly deep inside her when she's on top! She takes nearly 10 inches of that fist-sized thing!!! Later in the day, she visits a gym, wearing a skimpy outfit, and does some topless jogging, then finds a yoga mat and ends up masturbating and squirting right there at the gym! Back home, in more cute lingerie, she experiments anally, starting with one finger, then going for all four! Taking a large vibrator, she pushes it inside her butt, then goes even more extreme taking the purple Magic Wand anally, and turning it on! That big thing is locked inside her butt, and she's enjoying every minute of it. Its then time to get even more kinky, by pushing her panties inside her, then using a glass toy to further shove the panties deep into her vagina. Using her strong vaginal muscles, she pushes it out... then goes for four limes! One by one, she pushes the four limes into her vagina, filling her up completely with green. Then using the Vibraking Toy, she masturbates hard, squirting like crazy, and popping the limes out with the pressure from her vaginal muscles going crazy with pleasure! What an intense shoot, and what a sexy, cute girl she is. Our kind of dream girl who could fullfill every fantasy :).

  70.7 %

FTV Girls - Melody - This supercute, charismatic, and fun loving teen has never done adult before, but she's very excited about trying it out -- and her wonderful personality comes through both the photos and videos. We first meet her as she arrives nervously with her car, wearing a cute dress and heels, and starts opening up to us about her background (she's half Puerto-Rican and Japanese) and we notice how cute her figure is, with such an amazing butt... As she undresses for us in front of the camera, she reveals a really sexy figure, with her gorgeous, flawless butt being her standout feature -- and that she loves to masturbate (about 5 times a day!) So she goes right to playing with herself, using her personal vibrator, for a rather long orgasmic run where she ends up squirting several times -- and notice how her vagina contracts! We discover that her clit is super sensitive to touch, and whenever she stimulates it, it makes her vagina react with so much pleasure it tends to squirt right away! It literally flows with squirts and milky juices over and over again. We get extreme closeups of her wet private parts, as well as her spreading and gaping, stretching her labia, and clit closeups. Then we enjoy watching her perfect butt get shown off some more, and her nipples stretched and pulled -- making them very perky. She goes back to squirting, rubbing her clit while standing, doggy, and missionary, each time squirting away on to the floor, the camera, and the photographer! Later in the day, we see her outside in a seethrough yellow dress playing around at a park, and get to enjoy those sexy legs and butt again, until she starts fingering herself to a dozen more squirts -- where does all this water come from?? She then gets completely naked, and parades around in the nude, so we can enjoy her sexy form, and watch her do cartwheels and backbends -- even squirting while bent over! Incredible. At a resort, in a cute black dress and heels, we see a thick glass ball inside her vagina, as she parades around with it inside her! Her strong muscles push it out while she rubs herself, making her squirt some more, then she fingers herself with three, four, then five... trying to fist herself! She tries hard in several positions right out there in public, but can't get to a full fist. To finish off the day, we see this bubbly, energetic girl do a sexy dance in the nude, and wow does she know how to move! Even while she dances she ends up rubbing & squirting into the lens! So enjoy this wonderfully sexual girl next door, the ultimate natural squirter -- we like her so much she's going to have to come back for more -- only here on FTV :).



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FTV Girls - Harley II
HDteenfree trailer

The fun loving, cute blue eyed teen continues her adventure on FTV on this part 2... On the next morning, we see her wake up in a comfy bed, wearing some fancy bra & panties, and show off her body to us again. Peeling her panties aside, she exposes her clit and long labia, and proceeds to tug and pull on them, stretching her labia very far! It gets her horny enough to want to masturbate again, and she uses her fingers to orgasm. Then she expresses another kinky side -- she wants to fist! She pushes her hand in, and with some effort almost full-fists herself! She has some really pretty feet, so we watch her play with them, suck on her toes, and show off her arches. Putting her hair into braids, and wearing cute lingerie, she brings back that ...

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  74.4 %
FTV Girls - Harley
HDteenfree trailer

This eighteen year old is a Total First Timer with a fun, lively attitude and such a cute look! Just watching her laugh brings a smile to our face. Blessed with a sexy figure, and a sexually open nature, she's all about shooting in public, even though she's never done porn before. We first see her walking her dog down a park -- she's wearing a rather short mini skirt that hikes up when the wind is blowing just right, showing off her shaved privates and no panties! She's got a beautiful full butt, and as she bends over, we can see it completely exposed, right out in the open! She's kinkier than we thought -- all the while she's been walking her dog, she's got a chain of ben-wa balls in her vagina! She slowly pulls them out, then puts them ...

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  76.9 %
FTV Girls - Kara
HDteenfree trailer

Vibrant, energetic, and leggy Kara is one of those sexy women you see and always fantasize about -- and as we watch her at an arts center, we really get to enjoy her sexy figure with what she's wearing! A form-fitting dress with sexy heels, she parades around the busy place and gives us a lot of upskirt views and butt shots, right out in the open! She's not that shy about exposing herself, even though its her first adult experience. Her excitement shows, when she is interviewed on the spot, while we get peeks between her legs, and discover how nice an firm her full B/C cups are. She's also 3/4 Navajo Indian, with big beautiful brown eyes. After drawing attention to herself, she goes home to get more explicit for us, showing off her ...

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  71.8 %
FTV Girls - Saraya & Chloe
HDteenfree trailer

A long time in the planning, we were hoping to get these two real life best friends to break their inhibitions and try each other for a girl girl for the first time... and it became an amazingly fun, romantic adventure shoot in a very exotic place! Saraya, who had her friend Chloe tag along for a shoot a long time ago get encouraged to do her own shoot; then Chloe's popularity had members talking about how they would like to see the two together... It actually happened! Its the Valentines' day weekend, and the popular tourist destination is really busy. We first see them in the cutest dresses & heels, looking sexy and classy, walking around a very fancy shopping area and exposing their breasts and butt... they really show off their ...

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  72.6 %
FTV Girls - Demi
HDteenfree trailer

This Hispanic hottie has the most amazing, firm, full bubble butt you've ever seen; and she loves to show it off! Completely carefree about exposing herself, she is the bane of housewives everywhere, but admired by those few lucky guys who saw her doing public nudity. We first see her in a skimpy workout outfit, running through a park, then showing off her sexy butt, and stretching in provocative poses so we can enjoy her rear some more! She then finds a bench to finger herself, hard banging deep and loving every minute! Soon she's taking everything off and running around naked without a care in the world about getting into trouble. She's got a really nice sporty build... Also notice how long, thick and pointy her nipples are! Back home, ...

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  71.7 %
FTV Girls - Lanah
HDteenfree trailer

This supercute, slender 19 year old waif with creamy skin and those big dark seductive eyes we all love reminds us of a supermodel and she's here trying her hand at modeling for the very first time. She may not stay in the industry long as she has other plans, wanting to merely 'try porn on for size' - and blows us away with her poise and, of course, her looks! She very quickly slips out of her tight jeans to show her thong panties, rubbing herself all over and masturbating out in the open until getting spotted by someone nearby. Next we see her by a public fountain as she slips out of her jeans, pulling off her little panties to masturbate on the bench using her fingers, before she heads indoors to use the powerful vintage Vibraking toy. ...

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  71.4 %
FTV Girls - Katy II
HDteenfree trailer

The gorgeous, leggy and sexy Katy continues her adventure with another fashion-style introduction at a pretty resort area: She's got a mini-skirt on, tall black heels... makes her stand out with those long legs! We see her parade around without panties, giving us upskirt views and spreading her butt, then finds a pretty water fountain to settle by. Not only does she finger herself there, she ends up deep fisting herself as well! As she fucks herself with her hand right in this public place, we get views up close of the penetration. Then back home, she dances to some music, doing a striptease for us. Taking one of her long heels off, she then starts penetrating herself with it! She goes super deep with that thick heel, and fucks herself ...

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  74.4 %
FTV Girls - Katy
HDteenfree trailer

Tall, beautiful, with a gorgeous smile, Katy is a fashion model who wanted to try something different... and does it here only for FTV! She definitely has a kinky side to her, and she ends up becoming surprisingly extreme as well! We first see her in very short tube dress and white sandals, walking around a sassy mall, that dress keeps hiking up and showing off her private parts no matter how she walks! We get really nice views of her butt as she bends over, then teasers between her legs as she fingers herself on the bench! She dances to the mall music, then spreads for us, showing off how wet she gets down there! Then she finds another seating area outdoors to use the portable magic wand toy to masturbate... and then pushes it deep inside ...

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  72.9 %


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